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The Space Rex Squad is a collection of 5555 completely unique art pieces, living on the Solana Blockchain.

What if 66 million years ago, the dinosaurs were never erased from the earth's surface? What if they survived asteroids, ice ages and massive volcanic eruptions? Well, they would have obviously evolved into reptilian humanoids, conquering the world, and all of nature. But as these dinosaurs survived the first wave of natural disasters, the next wave didn't take long to arrive, and this time, the dinosaurs won't get to survive just by luck. Overpopulation, climate change and scarcity of resources leaves the dinosaurs with no choice but to search for new places to live in space. Various groups of dinosaurs have been sent on space missions to ensure their continued existence. The most promising and dangerous group of them: The Space Rex Squad makes the journey and goes to previously unexplored areas of the Milky Way Galaxy with one mission, to ensure the survival of their species.


Stage I

Missile Launch

  • Community Launch: The community on Twitter and Discord will begin to emerge and will be heavily involved in shaping the project.

  • Community Challenges: You can participate in different community challenges, to win special SRS NFT's. All challenges and rewards are displayed in our Discord Channel!

  • Whitelist & Presale: A presale will be held and limited white-list spots will be assigned to reward the most engaging community members.

  • Public Mint: The 5555 Space Rex will be launched on the Solana Blockchain to conquer the NFT-Space on their mission.

Stage II

Getting Up To Speed

  • Listing On Marketplaces: After public mint, we will soon be listed on major secondary marketplaces of the Solana blockchain. The same goes for our rarity chart where you can check how rare your Space Rex is.

  • Community Money Pool: A community money pool will be created in which 50% of all trading royalties will flow. Every owner of a Space Rex will have his vote to decide how the resources of the money pool will be invested.

  • Holder Advent Calendar: Launch of the advent calendar for Space Rex Squad holders. Every day, from 1st of December until 24th of December, one special Space Rex Commander will be airdropped to a random chosen Space Rex holder.

  • Minter Advent Calendar: Launch of the exclusive advent calendar for Space Rex Squad minters. If you were the minter and are still the holder of your Space Rex you will have the chance to win special rewards every day from 1st until 24th of December.

Stage III

Prepare For Landing

  • Passive Income: ICO of our own token called Space Rex Eggs (SRE). As a holder of a Space Rex, you will earn Space Rex Eggs on a weekly basis passively. You can either trade them at the exchange for other cryptocurrencies or use them for a variety of things.

  • Space Rex Babies: With enough eggs, you will be able to hatch your very own Space Rex Squad Baby, a new NFT collection securing the future of the dinosaurs.

  • Hierarchy: The more eggs you have, the bigger say you have in our community. We will create a hierarchy in which the biggest holders of the eggs will be rewarded with special NFT's, physical products and access to confidential rooms, in which not only the future of the Space Rex Squad will be determined.

  • Evolution: Last but not least, you will be able to evolve your Space Rex if you have enough eggs. What should come after a Space Rex? You will see it soon enough!

Stage IV

The Arrival

  • Crypto Game: One of our main visions is the creation of our own strategy based Space Rex crypto game. Owning your own Space Rex will guarantee you big advantages. Every single Space Rex will have its own special abilities and attributes, caused by the accessory he's wearing.

  • Future Collections: We will drop further collections of dinosaurs with different dinosaur species, which will also be represented in the Space Rex crypto game. There will also be drops of the items (for example armors or weapons), which you then can customize your Space Rex with.

  • Marketplace: In order to trade your Space Rexes, their items and also in-game elements, we will create the Space Rex marketplace. In this marketplace you will be able to buy and sell these items with the Space Rex Eggs token.

Your Benefits & Utilities

Community Challenges

The most engaging individuals of our community will be rewarded with free special NFT's which will have unique abilities.

50 % Royalties Share

50% of all trading royalties will flow directly into the Space Rex Squad money pool. This money will be used as the community desires.

Advent Calendars

Chance to win outstanding rewards every day from 1st of December to 24th of December when you mint or hold a Space Rex.

Space Rex Egg Token (SRE)

A new cryptocurrency, the Space Rex Egg Token will be distributed weekly to holders. You can either trade them or use them for a variety of things. To know more check our Roadmap!

Advantages For Future Drops

Different dinosaur species, a lot of different weapons, armors and accessory will be launched in the future as separate collections. As a holder of the Space Rex you can benefit from early access or free drops!

Crypto Gaming

Your Space Rex will have extraordinary abilities according to its unique treats. On top, you will have Egg Tokens to use for special equipment. This will give you a big advantage over players, who do not hold their own Space Rex!


The Space Rex Squad is a unique collection of 5555 Space Rexes based on the Solana Blockchain. They were sent out to the Milky Way in order to save the survival of their species.

We are hosting several giveaways and challenges before our launch, separately for Twitter and Discord. For more information, check our Twitter and Discord account!

The minting date is on the 28th of November - 04:00 PM EST.

Minting price for each Space Rex will be 0.75 Sol.

If you're fast enough, you can try.

After the count down on the top of this page reaches zero, there will be a button you have to press. This button leads you to the minting page, where you can connect your wallet and mint a Space Rex.

Yes, we already have talked with several secondary marketplaces to ensure listing right after the minting launch.

Yes, there will be 8% secondary sale royalties, of which 50% directly flow into your community money pool.

We are using the Solana blockchain.

We recommend using Phantom Wallet, but you can also use some other wallets (for example Solflare).



Visual art lead


Dev lead